Food for Thought: Farm Trucks

Urban centers have been inundated with numerous food trucks that drive around the city stopping at varying locations delivering everything from homemade cupcakes to Salvadorian papusas. Food stands are not anything new to cities; hot dog stands have canvassed New York City for years. However, there is a recent transformation in the typical food truck. Farming trucks have now ingeniously come into existence; in NYC, there is a farm truck that distributes its CSA (community supported agriculture) to those individuals who subscribe to it. Normally, farmers drop their CSAs off at a pre-determined spot each week, and the person buying the CSA generally does not have any say as to what kinds of produce or how much they are getting each week. However, the Farm Truck, powered by Holton Farms, has a “fresh direct-like approach, allowing its subscribers to order whatever products are available, in whatever quantity desired, on the Web site up to 36 hours ahead of pickup.”

While this Farm Truck has not got the license to sell its produce to passersby in NYC, it is working on eventually being able to do that. Being able to sell fresh produce to passersby is a wonderful idea; I work in downtown Washington, DC, and yesterday I had a wonderful salad for lunch. But it was not enough, and I was craving some fresh fruit. However, there aren’t any grocery stores or supermarkets close by that I can walk to buy fresh produce. Once a week, we have a small farmer’s market that sets up shop around the corner (thank goodness for that), but the other 4 days of the week I am out of luck. I am stuck going hungry at work or stopping by a CVS for an unhealthy, processed snack. For now, the CSA concept of being able to pick and choose which products you want that week is a brilliant idea. While I have not seen any of these Farm Trucks in DC yet, I am sure there are local farmers working on implementing this idea as we speak. I look forward to that.



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2 responses to “Food for Thought: Farm Trucks

  1. If you haven’t seen it, check out Truck Farm on youtube. It’s a wonderful story of a guy who literally grew his stuff in the bed of his truck.

  2. Mom

    These farm trucks are a great idea especially in big cities where people don’t have access to local farmers produce. One way to get people to eat healthier. Great article!

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