Finger Lakes Wine Country

Budget Travel recently voted the Finger Lakes Wine Country “the most beautiful wine region in the world.”  I might be extremely biased, but I do believe that the Finger Lakes region is unlike any other wine region in the world.  Not only is this region idyllic and home to almost 80 wineries, it also produces some of the best wines, especially Rieslings, in the world.

This past weekend, my family and I went to Seneca Lake to stop by a few of our favorite wineries (Fox Run, Anthony Road & Glenora).  Most of the Finger Lakes wineries produce exceptional and often times, award-winning wines.  Wine tastings are also extremely reasonable; for $1 or $2 (depending on the winery), you can taste anywhere from 5-6 wines.  Sometimes the wines are already chosen for you to taste and other times you can choose which ones you’d like to try.  What’s great about this is that if you are partial to dry reds, you can taste all dry reds if you’d like.  I personally like to try all of them; sometimes I like a nice dry red and other times I like a sweet port.  The Finger Lakes also produces some very good fruit wines; my favorites are Raspberry Rose and Blueberry Breeze from Glenora.  There are also some very unique grape varieties that are used in Finger Lakes’ wines:

Baco Noir – a French-American hybrid that is used to make fruity, red wines

Cayuga – a French-American hybrid that was “bred by Cornell University to be perfectly suited to the growing season of the Finger Lakes.” Glenora winery was the first commercial winery to release a varietal Cayuga white back in 1977.

Niagara – an American cross that is used for off-dry and dessert wines

Vignoles – a French-American hybrid that is typically used for dry, white wines

Have you ever visited the Finger Lakes wine region before?  If so, what are your favorite wineries and/or wines?



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3 responses to “Finger Lakes Wine Country

  1. Mom Kenyon

    I was so glad to have my family home and it was alot of fun going to the wineries. The next trip we’ll have to go to Keuka Lake and go to Bully Hill, Dr. Konstantin Frank and Hunt Country. It was a beautiful weekend:)

  2. I’ve never in my life been to a winery which is just crazy because I love wines and there are SO many in VA right by me. I love the idea of $1 to $2 tastes! Right up my alley. 🙂

  3. We live in Utica, about 2 1/2 hours away. Wine Country is typically an annual trip for us. The Fingerlakes offer so many different wine events from Cayuga Lake to the Seneca Lake. Great wines and wineries. It’s so fun and so much less “formal” than the California wineries. Great times.
    Good post.

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