Baby Shower Neapolitan Cake

This past weekend, my sister had her 2nd baby shower back home in Syracuse. It was a wonderful weekend and the baby shower was so much fun! The food was delicious and my sister got a lot of really cute baby gifts. For this special occasion, my Mom and I baked my sister a 3-tiered baby shower cake with fondant. I’ve wanted to use fondant for a while now. I took a cake decorating class with my Mom and sister several years ago, but we never moved on to the fondant class.

To my surprise, working with fondant was not as difficult as I had imagined. Working with my Mom was definitely a huge help; she rolled out the fondant while I dirty frosted the cakes. I must say, store-bought fondant was really easy to use and I would highly recommend it for someone who wants to experiment with it for the first time or for someone who likes to bake these cakes every so often. I also found a package of baby shower fondant that came in pastel colors of yellow, blue, pink, and green. This was perfect to decorate the cake with, so I ordered some miniature baby cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the pastel fondant. Not only did the cake come out well, it tasted great too! We made Neapolitan flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla – one for each layer. Here are some things that I learned from working with fondant for the first time:

  • Make a dense cake – I’ve heard of people mixing pound cake mix into their cake batter to make it heavier. Our cake was a bit crooked and we were nervous that it was going to implode. Next time, I will make the cake batter for the bottom layer heavier. Does anyone have any suggestions for this???
  • Don’t open fondant prematurely – My mom and I opened the packages of pastel colored fondant and then were trying to decide the finishing touches of our design. Fondant dries out fairly quickly and will start to crack. We should have had our design set and then opened one package at a time.

My sister loved her cake, and my Mom and I were happy that we finished it in time and that it actually looked pretty cute!!

Have you ever worked with fondant before? I’m definitely new at this, so any tips you have would be helpful!

My mom was at someone else’s baby shower who strung up a clothes line and hung baby onesies all over it. We thought this was so cute, so we decided to do the same for my sister. How cute are these onesies?


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16 responses to “Baby Shower Neapolitan Cake

  1. Awwww so cute!!! You and your mom did a great job! What a nice present you two made for your sister. Congrats to your sister – she looks fabulous being a 2nd time pregger! Um… as for the cake, I’m sorry I have never made single cake…so please forgive me for not being helpful. =P

  2. I had so much fun making the baby shower cake with Kara. We had a wonderful weekend and can’t wait for our first grandchild to arrive. It won’t be long now!!

  3. That cake looks beautiful! Great job! I’ve also wanted to work with fondant for a while now too. My daughter’s birthday party is Saturday and I’ve been thinking about using fondant for her cake. You’ve inspired me!

  4. Nina

    Hi Kara,
    The cake looks so professional, your mom and you did such a great job on it.

  5. I love the little duckys on the cake. Super cute. I have many baby showers coming up and I am definitely going to steal onesies idea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mrs. L

    Beautiful cake Deb & Kara!

  7. Girrrrl, you need to get a job with Cake Boss! That cake is perfect!!! Great job!

    I loooooooove the onesies on the clothesline… oh my gosh, that is a brilliant idea! 🙂

  8. Oh this is adorable and very well girls are stunning, very pretty!!!
    Cake and decorations are wonderful..thank you for sharing and congrats to your sis!

  9. Your cake looks so nice. I’ve never used fondant before but I really need to try it some time.

  10. I can not believe that was your first time working with fondant, you did such a fabulous job!

  11. Making fondant is easy too! I promise! This cake is soooo gorgeous. So exciting you’re going to be an auntie! And so cool you made it a mom-daughter project.

  12. You are a great sister – what an awesome cake and shower!

  13. So cute! This turned out beautifully. The first time I used marshmallow fondant I found it to be easier then I anticipated. You should make your own next time, it doesn’t take long and you can flavor if you want.

  14. ShirleyMurphy

    I was lucky to have been invited and attend this adorable Baby Shower! The cake tasted as good as it looked! Kara and her Mom did a great job! The cake looked so professional ( you would think the Cake Boss made it)! Looking forward to meeting this new little Baby! Great Job! Love and Hug, Shirley:o)

  15. What a fun event for you and your mom to work on together – it turned out great (love the colors!). Congrats on being a new ‘aunty’ again!

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