Cookie Countdown to Christmas Recap

I will be starting my Cookie Countdown to Christmas at the end of this week.  Before I do that, I figured that I would I give you a little refresher on what cookies and treats I baked last year for Christmas.  Call me crazy, but for the last two years, I’ve written down every single type of cookie or treat that I’ve made for Christmas.  I also write down notes to myself so I’ll know not to bake a certain cookie (maybe the batch didn’t yield enough cookies), what to do differently, etc.  This year, I have some new Christmas cookies and treats that I will be baking and blogging about.  While I do like to spice things up and try new treats every year, I also have a few standbys that are too good to leave out.  Since I won’t be re-blogging about the cookies and treats that I’ve already made, I decided to give you a little refresher on what went down in my kitchen last December.  Enjoy!


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7 responses to “Cookie Countdown to Christmas Recap

  1. Cool! I can’t wait to see what cookies you put up this year since last years sound delicious. I’m always up for finding some new cookie recipes for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous line up of cookies – I think it’s great you document them all – looking forward to more 🙂
    Mary x

  3. What a great round up of cookies. I would 2 of each please. 🙂 Thanks for all the cookie inspiration. ~ Ramona

  4. Meghan

    Yay!! Thank you for posting these 🙂 The Hubby and I just finished up redoing our kitchen and I cannot WAIT to bake this Christmas!

  5. peasepudding

    Look forward to your new cooki erecipes, I love that colourful one at the beginning of the post

  6. What a great line-up and extremely impressed that you write every single recipe down like that. Great motivation for Christmas baking!

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